Happy New Year 2018!

A smiling jizo in Kyoto
A smiling jizo in Kyoto

For a while now I have thought of 2017 as the Year of Loss and Change. At times it has been overwhelming and exhausting for me. I am still tired, and it is the last day of the year!

But in the last few days, as I have thought about writing this post, I have tried to look at things more closely and carefully. I have lost some people and things, some more dear to me than anyone, but I have gained as well. And some of the changes have been for the worse, but many have been for the better.

This is life!

No matter what I have lost or gained, I still have a new day every 24 hours, new precious time to grow and learn and fail and laugh and love and cry and...



I don't know. And that's exciting! I hope 2018 excites you as much as it does me!

Happy New Year, everyone!