Nordic Sounds at Gallery Jarfo in Kyoto

Visual artist Pernille Mejslov with one of her prints at the Jarfo gallery in Kyoto
Visual artist Pernille Mejslov with one of her prints at the Jarfo gallery in Kyoto

I had a deligthful encounter earlier this evening that I'd like to share with art lovers in Kyoto and beyond.

I was walking down Kawaramachi Dori just south of Imadegawa when I passed a gallery I had passed many times before. I usually walk by in the morning, when the gallery is closed. Tonight the gallery was open and lit brightly.

I decided to stop in, and I am very glad I did.

A very helpful member of the gallery staff explained to me in both English and Japanese that they were having an exhibit from Europe of two artists, one a visual artist from Denmark exhibiting prints, and a Korean photographer based in Sweden showing photographs.

I was immediately drawn to the the prints I saw, especially the one I photographed here. I couldn't tell how they were made, or what they were made of. The friendly woman who welcomed me had pointed out one of the artists. She was sitting on a sofa in the middle of the gallery.

I decided to approach her and ask about her process. The artist is Pernille Mejslov, and she is pictured next to her work in the photo posted here.

In an artist's statement she gave me, she says that her work is "concentrated in light, movements and simplicity, in different kinds of expressions in drawing, printing and knitting."

As to the secret behind her process, I will let Ms. Mejslov explain it to you if you go and see the exhibit. She brought along photos of her work behind the scenes that were really informative.

Ms. Mejslov will be accompanied by Karsten Vogel, and incredibly accomplished saxophonist, composer, and bandleader for a concert on Tuesday, November 29, from 18:00 - 20:00.

I did not get the chance to speak to the photographer, KyungHye Lee, but I was impressed by several of her photographs. Unfortunately, my favorite had already been sold!

The name of the exhibit is Nordic Sounds, and it will be on from today (11/22) until November 30. There will be an opening party this Thursday, November 24, from 18:00 - 20:00.

If you happen to be in Kyoto, I hope you will give it a look! Again, the gallery is on Kawaramachi, just south of Imadegawa, a little past the Mister Donuts on the east side of the street.

For more information about Pernille Mejslov, you can visit her website at

Finally, I want to thank Ms. Mejslov for spending some time with me and for allowing me to photograph her and her work and post it here. Much success to her and her co-exhibitors!