Miyako Odori 2012 Photos Coming Soon!


Keep your eyes on the red and white curtain at frame right. This is where the geisha and maiko of Gion Kobu make their entrance at the beginning of MiyakoOdori (The Cherry Blossom Dance), and this blog is where some exclusive photos of this year's 140th annual Miyako Odori will make their appearance starting in a few days. Although today is the official first day of The Cherry Blossom Dance, I am very fortunate to have attended the dance twice already, yesterday as a photographer during the final dress rehearsal, and today as just another member of the audience.

This year's Miyako Odori is a bit different from most years. As it states in the official program, "Unlike our regular Miyako Odori programs, most of our scenes in this year's revival performances are chosen from the scenes related to The Tale of the Heike. Two scenes are from the program of 1957 and four are from 1985. Only the seventh scene with snow is newly created."

There are eight scenes this year, and I will be posting one photo from each scene starting this Wednesday, April 4, and every Sunday and Wednesday after that until I have finished. I was going to start posting the photos from today, but I need a little more time to choose the most appropriate image for each of the eight scenes.

Finally, I want to emphasize again that all the photos that will be appearing on my blog were taken yesterday, March 31, during a special performance and that I had permission to photograph the event along with photographers from newspapers and other outlets. Since photography is not permitted at all during the regular performances of Miyako Odori, I did no photography at all today, nor will I when I attend again in a few weeks.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!